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Bridge Project

The intent behind the award-winning WV VOAD Bridge Project is to provide families, who were affected by 2015 & 2016 flooding and lack the resources to recover on their own, with safe bridges that will be as resilient as possible to future storms. WV VOAD is partnering with disaster response agencies, state and local officials, federal agencies, and businesses to efficiently coordinate volunteers, equipment, and building materials with no cost to WV families. Bridges are built to a standard that exceeds state and federal standards. Here in West Virginia, our greatest resources are each other. This is a whole community effort. We are not just building bridges; we are connecting our children to education, our elderly to medical facilities, and our neighbors to us.

Big Blue Completion

On March 8th, 2022 WV VOAD, government officials, and several member organizations gathered together to dedicate the BIG BLUE bridge in Clendenin, WV! This 310 ft bridge will serve 14 families and can hold up to 16 tons! These families now have a peace of mind knowing that this bridge is here to stay. BIG BLUE will last for decades to come and serve countless citizens and first responders in the region. March 8th, 2022 will forever be a day of healing, completion, and the drive to move forward! 


We cannot thank everyone enough for your hard work, dedication, and determination to finish this incredible project for the town of Clendenin. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the dedication ceremony and watch these proud home owners cut the blue ribbon for their very own BIG BLUE bridge.

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Opening day for BIG BLUE!
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BIG BLUE Guy Wire!
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