Response & Resources

The West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster are actively coordinating with our state and federal agencies as we monitor the impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic here in West Virginia and around the United States.

As we work to provide the most up-to-date information, we have provided direct links below to the appropriate agencies.



Case Management

WV VOAD has a case manager to help link families with needed resources. The case manager will work with WV 211, the Crisis Counseling Program, and other organizations to help link families to resources.

  • Help with identifying resources related to COVID-19

  • Help with identifying food resources for families

  • Help families identify resources for utilities

  • Help with resources related to food delivery


The two food banks are seeing a 30-40 percent increase in families needing food. WV VOAD is supporting the food banks and food pantries around the state.

  • Coordinated with the Governor's Office, the National Guard, the two food banks, and the opening of a third food bank to help support food pantries

  • Coordinated a statewide food drive with food going to local pantries

  • Supplied water to the food banks and the homeless

  • Established a feeding program to purchase meals from local restaurants and distributed by senior services, food pantries, FRN's, and others. This program puts money back into the local economy and help families receive hot meals.

  • Supplying food banks and local food pantries with PPE

  • Sharing information to families

  • Making deliveries to the elderly and families with disabilities

  • Supporting blood drives with hand sanitizer


WV VOAD has provided 3 emotional care virtual trainings an done psychological first aid training. We have four more virtual trainings scheduled.

  • Domestic Violence and COVID-19

  • Understanding COVID-19 in the African American Community

  • Serving Vulnerable Populations During COVID-19

  • Psychological First Aid

PPE Distributed

WV VOAD established a Mass Care Task Force to begin planning in case of an event during COVID-19. Reps from VOAD, FEMA, DHSEM, and Threat Preparedness are on the committee.

PPE Distributed:


  • Food Banks

  • Food Pantries

  • Child Care Agencies

  • Domestic Violence Centers

  • Child Advocacy Programs

  • Committee on Aging

  • Senior Services

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Volunteer Fire Departments

  • Homeless Population

  • Boy Scouts

  • Family Resource Centers

  • Volunteers

  • Red Cross Blood Drives

  • Rural Health Centers

  • Other Non-Profits