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DuPont Middle School - Preparedness Month

To end preparedness month, WV VOAD coordinated with DuPont Middle School to give all students preparedness bags. We provided 330 students with masks, hand sanitizers, preparedness tips, and more!

National preparedness month was created due to the tragedies on September 11th. It marked the importance of being prepared in all situations—whether that’s natural disasters or attacks on U.S. soil. We wanted to inform our youth about staying prepared and learning how to respond to any disaster.

In the preparedness kits, we provided an emergency supplies list in case of any emergency. Listed are several great resources and things that you may need if you find yourself in a disaster situation.

These tools and resources will train the next generation of preparedness leaders. In addition, WV VOAD was honored to collaborate with DuPont Middle School on helping its students stay prepared and one step ahead.

Special thanks to the volunteers and member agencies who made this possible! View our video recap below!

Link to National Preparedness Month:

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