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In the summer of 1995, nearly 800 people died in a 5-day heatwave. Generally, those who died in addition to urban poor were people who were elderly living alone and folks with no air conditioning who kept windows closed and locked at night trapping heat for fear of crime. People who survived were those with a/c, those who lived with others or in congregate housing such as apartment complexes, high rises, or assisted living centers, and those who had families or friends who checked on them. “Heat islands”, urban areas of tall buildings, concentrated streets and paved surfaces, minimal green space, were contributing factors.

In these days of elevated temperatures, check on your neighbors, particularly if they live alone, and particularly if you know they do not have friends or relatives to check on them. Are they okay? Do they have adequate food and water? Can they stay cool? What do they need?

WV VOAD is a caring organization of voluntary groups, and we need your help in caring for your neighbors. Click this link for resources on "Heat Illness Prevention"

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