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World Renew Assists WV VOAD in Building West Virginian a New Home

In the months following 2016’s historic flooding, a WV VOAD Disaster Case Manager noticed a distraught flood survivor wandering in a particularly damaged neighborhood as she left a client’s house. Suspecting that he had not applied for assistance in WV VOAD’s Disaster Case Management Program, she engaged him in conversation to find out that he had tried to self-recover using his FEMA award. He had exhausted his resources and still did not have a functional bathroom or kitchen. Although the veteran was physically and emotionally exhausted, it took some effort to gain his trust and convince him that there were organizations and individuals who wanted to help him complete his recovery.

At the same time, one of WV VOAD’s member organizations, World Renew Disaster Response Services, was looking for a compatible project in West Virginia and had a scout in the area to preview some possibilities. This house went to the top of the list. It didn’t take long to determine, that due to the age and condition of the house, it would be more efficient to demolish the existing structure and rebuild. This was a blow to the client who had invested heavily in the property. WV VOAD and World Renew made the unusual decision to harvest anything possible that the homeowner had completed: the new metal roof, the wood siding and some interior appointments.

Just a few weeks later, the first of five World Renew teams arrived to rebuild this man’s home. By the end of week one, it was framed and under roof with doors and windows installed. By the end of week five, the client was in a functional, secure new home elevated to a safe height. In addition to WV VOAD and World Renew, several others participated in funding this project including: Neighbors Loving Neighbors, American Red Cross, West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church, and Greater Greenbrier Long Term Recovery.

Thanks to WV VOAD and its member organizations, this gentleman has a new home, a fresh outlook on life and restored faith in humanity.

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